Welcome to Carolle Blackwell‘s website!

Carolle works with stoneware clay, dug from a local Cornish clay pit.

“I make ceramic sculptures for indoors and outdoors, fired in the kiln at a high temperature to make it frostproof.

I’ve worked in clay for the past fifteen years. Before that I made sculpture from recycled materials or fabric, which I dyed myself.

Clay has a wonderful ability to receive marks easily, and I love to play with textures and impressions, to create a surface that complements the form of the sculpture.”

Carolle’s influences are most ancient art forms with a BC date! Egyptian, Greek, and early Japanese, which my version of Haniwa, 6th century BC, ceramic, is influenced by. Haniwa is Japanese for ‘clay-rings’, which describes its  cylindrical shape. Her admiration also goes to Picasso and Miro, for their simple sculptural forms, which are so full of life.